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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 LS7 and Adobe Encore CS5.1 and Library Contents

Flexible, precise, and reliable editing tools

Edit the way you want with widely accepted, customizable NLE

shortcuts and powerful, intuitive trimming and editing tools that give

you more precision and control. Boost productivity with dual-system

sound support and enhanced project exchange with Final Cut Pro and

Avid software.

Fast, reliable multiscreen delivery

Output your work for computers, smartphones, tablets, and television

with Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5. Use intuitive presets and contextual

menus to set up sequences once for multiple formats, and batch encode

while you keep editing.

Roundtrip workflows with Adobe Audition

Roundtrip workflows with Adobe Audition

Get a fast, flexible roundtrip audio workflow with Adobe Audition�

CS5.5 software. Pass individual audio clips and multitrack mixes or

complete video sequences between Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and Adobe

Audition for editing and sweetening.

Built expressly for video pros

Move to Adobe Premiere Pro to get breakthrough performance and the

ultimate feature set for professional video production, as well as

unparalleled integration with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,

and other Adobe software. More on making the switch �