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Gemcom GEMS 6.2.3

About Gemcom

When mining companies seek to increase mine productivity, they turn

to Gemcom for technology and services. The Company is home to

world-renowned mining solutions like GEMS, Surpac, Minex, Whittle, and

InSite, and to industry thought leaders who are pushing the boundaries

of what’s possible in mining.

About Gemcom GEMS

Gemcom GEMS is the leader in collaborative geology and mine planning

solutions. GEMS provides the right capabilities for open pit and

underground mining professionals in exploration, modelling, mine

design, long-term planning and production scheduling.

With GEMS’ unique central database geologists and engineers gain

immediate access to organised, up-to-date geological and mine planning

data. GEMS’ data security and auditing provides the capabilities

they need to improve compliance with industry regulations like JORC,

SAMREC and NI 43-101.

GEMS Benefits

  • Central database manages data, enabling data security and

auditability, while eliminating data redundancy and increasing data

integrity and accuracy.

  • Streamlined data flows and central data access improves

collaboration, providing information when needed to speed


  • System ease-of-use – robust dialog boxes guide users through


  • Industry-standard Microsoft technologies integrate with existing

IT infrastructure and ensure system scalability.

  • PlotMaker feature allows users to annotate plots with text blocks,

bitmaps, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and other objects.