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Web Content Extractor 5.0

Web Content Extractor has a simple configuration wizard that helps

you to create an extraction pattern and crawling rules to retrieve

information that you need.

Web content extractor can be used to extract online shopping data,

prices, titles, descriptions, news, press releases, phone numbers,

addresses, stock quotations, and more.

Web Content Extractor can gather data from online stores, business

directories, e-commerce sites, financial sites, shopping sites, search

engine results, anything you can imagine that is out on the World Wide


Web content extractor allows you to export the extracted data into

Excel (csv), Text (ascii), HTML file and Microsoft Access, MySQL


Here are some key features of Web Content Extractor:

Templated web data extraction. Extract any target data (text and

images) from various web pages on the Internet;

Export the extracted data into Microsoft Access database, Microsoft

Excel (CSV), Text (TXT), HTML, XML, SQL script and MySQL script files;

Customized Web crawler / web spider. Crawling rules and

Gather data from password protected websites.

Easy to use configuration wizard;

Very simple to use, quick learning curve and right to the point.

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