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Scavenger 1.12.3
One human, one droid and a Scavenger class space ship. Enter the
Star Hulk Icarus on one last mission: to locate and capture the Energy
Source. It was to be a simple job, but nobody mentioned the alien mass
spreading across the massive interior and the ever
deteriating gravity field, slowly spinning the Icarus out of control!
DESCRIPTION : Test your piloting skills as you overcome the
decaying gravity fields. Rotate, thrust and shoot your way
through 80 sectors, collecting riches, battling aliens and unlocking
the way to freedom. Scavenger blends action based gameplay with
carefully designed, challenging levels to create a
experience like no other!
* 80 levels of alien mayhem.
* Five challenging game modes.
* Hidden passages and chambers to explore.
* Lots of collectable gems and power-ups.
* Atmospheric graphics and music.