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Documentation must be created to build every PCB. Currently there is

no tool available on the market that addresses PCB documentation

directly BluePrint enables the creation of more complete, thorough and

accurate PCB documentation in far less time than current practices.

BluePrint creates a single electronic "Release Package" to build

anywhere anytime BluePrint is the most revolutionary breakthrough in

the PCB market since the inception of PCB CAD.


  • Creates more complete and accurate documentation with less effort

and time

  • Offers faster, accurate drawings with easier navigation
  • Includes flexible text entry without spelling errors
  • Provides clearer manufacturing instructions, less chance of error
  • Ensures faster and easier manufacturing preparation and final


  • Reduces time necessary to revise PCB documentation
  • Enables effortless file sharing and viewing
  • Automates and simplifies the creation of a PCB release package


With BluePrint, PCB engineering groups can expect to reduce the

documentation process to a fraction of the time it normally takes -

even more when engineering change orders (ECOs) are required. With

ECOs, since all views, details, and charts of the PCB remain linked to

the original PCB CAD data, they are instantaneously refreshed in

BluePrint whenever the original CAD data is changed. This technology

is patent-pending with the US Patent Office.

  • BluePrint lowers documentation cost and time, and increases detail


  • BluePrint shortens PCB design cycles
  • BluePrint reduces documentation time by as much as 60-80
  • BluePrint improves manufacturing instructions
  • BluePrint simplifies manufacturing inspection