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Transoft Solutions AutoTURN Pro 3D 8.0.1

Since 1991, Transoft Solutions has invested in people, software, and

technology to help our clients achieve their full potential. But we're

not just in the business of developing engineering software; we also

believe in delivering outstanding sales and technical services.

We develop and support innovative and timesaving CAD-based software

for engineers, architects, and drafters for their civil and

infrastructure design and planning needs. Transoft's products have

become the de facto standard of the departments of transportation of

many state and national agencies throughout the world - a level of

success that clearly makes us a worldwide leader in our field!


Enter a New Dimension in Engineering

Going beyond simple vehicle swept path checking capabilities in a

two-dimensional plane, AutoTURN Pro enters the realm of true 3D design

and analysis. Engineers, architects, and drafters can confidently work

on multifaceted projects and complex design situation in a 3D

environment involving vertical and underside clearance checks,

detection of obstacle collision, and traversing challenging terrains.

Accelerate Design Efficiency Using 3D

AutoTURN Pro 3D takes the transportation design process into another

level of efficiency. By incorporating terrain elevation, overhead

obstacle, and vehicle clearance data together in the project drawing,

issues not anticipated in designing in a 2D plane are now detected and

can be resolved using a 3D space.

Designing in a 3D Environment: For Now and for the Future

Developed to take on the challenges transportation projects face

with cost and performance issues, AutoTURN Pro 3D gives engineers the

ability to respond to design changes faster; optimize designs with

analysis and visualization; and spend more time trying different

scenarios to improve designs.