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CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 2.0.2105

The performance PhotoDirector ensured that all the functions and

tools are divided into groups. The group included Adjustment tools to

retouch images, white balance control, color correction, noise

reduction, brightness and contrast of the image, eliminating defects

in images and remove red eye. Under Library there are tools to work

with libraries of images PhotoDirector. The last group - Slideshow.

With these tools, CyberLink PhotoDirector user can create a slide show

of high quality photographs from a library of images.


  • Fast, intuitive interface;
  • A wide selection of preview photos;
  • A unique technology to keep the original image and the presence of

a complete history of its changes with the possibility of returning to

previous steps;

  • Built-in support for RAW format cameras, Canon and Nikon;

ready-made profiles created by other users of the resource;

  • The ability to publish photos on Facebook and Flickr;
  • The availability of tools to create stunning slideshows with

HD-quality resolution up to 1080p, and functions to load them on


Develop spectacular photos that express your creative vision.

Experience native support for RAW files from Canon and Nikon cameras

and explore the vast potential of your creativity in PhotoDirector's

nondestructive editing environment.

presets that will transform your photography. Easily manage large

batches of photos and massive photo libraries. Photographers serious

about their hobby do it all with PhotoDirector 2011.

Fast, Intuitive Workflow

An efficient digital workflow speeds up the entire process from the

time an image is imported to your PC to its final output.

PhotoDirector is designed to make the process ultra efficient from

import, manage, enhance to final output.

Import your images to PhotoDirector and immediately gain access to a

powerful but easy to use library with advanced searching, sorting,

tagging and flagging tools for easy management of even large batches

of photos.

Select the best images you want to enhance from your collection with

the help of PhotoDirector's extensive viewing modes. Choose between

the most dynamic adjustment tools and watch as your photos turn into


Once you have the perfect look, share you photos to Facebook and

Flickr or create stunning HD slideshow videos up to 1080p, and upload

them to YouTube.

Explore Your Creative Potential

Allow your imagination to explore the bounds of your creativity!

PhotoDirector is an advanced nondestructive editing environment, so

you can let your creativity run wild knowing your original image is

always safely unaltered. Adjust the contrast, exposure or apply

adjustment brushes without fear. If you are not satisfied with the

effect, you can easily revert back to any revision step with

Adjustment History.

Dynamic Adjustment Tools

PhotoDirector provides cutting edge adjustment tools which perfect

and enhance your photos. Correct the color of your image with

PhotoDirector's advanced White Balance tool, or make the colors in

your photo pop by selecting between several color enhancement tools

including Levels, Tone and Hue, Saturation and Lightness.

If you shoot in high action or low light settings, then

PhotoDirector's Noise Reduction tool is an absolute must have. Bring

out all the spectacular image details and make your photos crisp and

clear by adjusting the sharpness. PhotoDirector's dynamic adjustment

tools are the best way to incredible images.

Precise Regional Adjustments

Some images require precise editing tools for touchups on specially

targeted areas. PhotoDirector has you covered with amazing regional

adjustment tools that perfect every area of ??your photo.

PhotoDirector's edge aware brush is the perfect tool for making

selective adjustments to targeted areas of your photo. Select the

size, softness and amount of the brush you want to apply to a targeted

area and touch up the exposure, brightness, contrast and so much more.

Select Fit to Edges for super accurate brush strokes, so the

adjustment is applied exactly to the area you want to enhance.

Explore all of PhotoDirector's amazing regional adjustments,

including Gradient Mask and Spot Removal, and create the perfect image

down to the finest of details.

Select the Best Image Every time

When you have hundreds or thousands of photos to choose from, you

need flexibility in viewing and comparing different images.

PhotoDirector has all of the angles covered, so you can select the

best images and the best adjustments every time.

Compare multiple images in Lightbox mode or browse through dozens of

images in Browser mode. Try List View to see key details of the photo

or switch to dual monitor mode so you always have enough screen space.

Expand the image to full screen with the pleasure of knowing you still

have full control over the adjustments you are applying.

Make your adjustments and enjoy several different modes to compare

your photo to the original so you know exactly which adjustments

create the perfect look.

Native Rendering of Canon and Nikon Files

Don't limit your photos by using poor RAW file converters with very

basic capabilities. PhotoDirector provides native rendering of RAW

file formats from Canon and Nikon cameras, a highly desirable feature

that maintains the immaculate quality of your images as intended by

the camera manufacturers, without the hassle of installing plug-ins.

PhotoDirector supports an extensive range of RAW file formats from

the world's leading digital cameras. If shooting in RAW is not for

you, there is no need to worry. PhotoDirector also supports JPEG and

TIFF file formats. With such extensive file format support all you

need to worry about is where to take your next photo.

Adjustment presets are a great way to perform common touch ups with

a single click of the mouse. PhotoDirector comes with a vast array of

state of the art presets that turn common or complex adjustments into

easy to manage touchups. PhotoDirector 2011 is the first photo

an unlimited number of presets defined by others, directly from the

application, through our online community

Share to Facebook Flickr and YouTube

When you are ready to share your photos, you can upload them to

Facebook and Flickr directly from PhotoDirector simply by selecting

the share icon in the Library or Adjustment module.

Share your collection of photos by creating a crystal clear HD

slideshow video, up to 1080p resolution. To reach a larger audience,

upload your slideshow videos to YouTube and show the world your

passion for photography.


  • Improves compatibility with Facebook API.

Title: CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011

Version: 2.0.2105

Year: 2011

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7

Language: English, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Spanish, Korean,

Chinese (Simplified), German, French, Italian

Medicine: keygen