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Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro 1.4

Guitar Amp Modeling and Effects Plug-In for Mac 
(VST, Audio

Units, and ProTools RTAS) Studio Devil Amp Live included!

Use the AiR-Keygen with "Crossover" or "Macindows" to unlock your


Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro is a guitar amp modeling and audio

effects plug-in for use with VST, AudioUnits, and ProTools RTAS

compatible hosts running on both Mac and Windows platforms.


� 15 Preamp Models cover every range of playing styles and modeled

using Studio Devil's proprietary digital vacuum tube modeling

technology...nothing else sounds as real as Studio Devil because it

uses exclusive and patented tube modeling algorithms!

� Authentic Tone Controls: Gain, Bass, Mids, Treble, and Presence

controls that interact with your tone just like on real tube amps!

� Boost, Deep, and Bright Switches quickly liven up and adjust

your tone!

� 3 Power Amp Models with Drive Control: Tube Class AB, Tube Class

A, and Solid-State MOSFET to adjust natural power amp compression.

� Impulse Modeler / Cabinet Processor imports any WAV or AIFF file

and features Zero-Latency switch, adjustable Filter Length, and

High-end Sizzle controls!

� 32 Studio Devil Cabinets plus 58 ReCabinet� Demo impulses


� 7-Band Graphic-EQ with Master Level, 3 Modes, and Pre/Post

Switch to position your EQ either at the input of your amp or in the

send-return loop: pre or post distortion!

� Sweepable Parametric EQ with Mids Level and Frequency control

knobs to custom tailor your tone!

� Wah-Wah Effect with adjustable pedal slider for a parked-Wah

sound...or assign it to a MIDI controller for a real-time Wah!

� Compressor / Sustainer with two modes and Attack controls.

� 4 Studio Quality Modulation Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser,

and Tremolo all fully adjustable and can be positioned Pre/Post preamp

to choose from that floor Pedal or Loop Effect sound!

� Echo / Delay Modeler with Normal / Stereo Ping-Pong Modes and

continuously adjustable Style Knob: sweep from Analog Delay to Tape

Echo or to Digital Delay and anywhere in between!

� World-Class Reverb with Level control and 3 Modes: Room, Club,

and Hall.

� Noise Gate with adjustable Threshold and Gating Slope controls.

� Built-In Chromatic Tuner and Level Meters to stay in tune and to

help maximize your signal level while guarding against digital clips.

� Master Volume control with Clip indicator.

� Import and Export Presets and Banks via XML files to share your

tones with everyone via the Internet, email, and blogs!

� Tone from hell! Desire Analog, Embrace Digital!