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MotionStudios Vasco da Gama 5.10


MotionStudios is a provider of innovative and intuitive video- and

audio effect products. Our long term experience is reflected in our

products. Simple to use, effective use of all resources and high

quality results make the products of our company absolute essential.

MotionStudios has been founded in 1999 with the office in

Bremen/Germany. The companies field of activity is the development of

software for video and animation processing. The Amiga programs Art

Studio Pro, Elastic Dreams, Fantastic Dreams and Candy Factory were

the starts of a success story. In the same year, the first video

effect packages have been released for the well know video-cutting

system Casablanca I by MacroSystem Digital Video AG.

In the year 2004 the step to PC systems was made. The first product

was called Vasco da Gama, it was a novelty in this category and

several times distinguished by technical literature. Multiple

additional products rounds our portfolio, with which our enterprise is

successful in the PC sector too.


Whether you are travelling the world or going from A to B in your

own country, Vasco da Gama 5 is a travel route animation program to

help you prepare for and follow-up on long as well as short trips.

Follow Vasco da Gama’s tracks. Tour the whole world. With Vasco da

Gama 5 you can document your holiday, research or business trip. You

can create your travel route on the PC - without the need for pen and

paper! Do away with laborious route planning using a multitude of

maps! Generate your journey comfortably and intuitively! Enter your

location in the Vasco da Gama 5 through a GPS database or quickly turn

the globe to a suitable position in order to start long journeys.

You are in full control of how the route is organised. If you are

planning a cruise, show how your dream voyage should look using

high-quality objects. Did you go into the depths of Africa for

research purposes or a documentary? Display your excursion in a

presentation or in a documentary film. With the help of Vasco da Gama

5 you can create sophisticated travel films for TV or lectures with an

animated journey over the entire globe. Pep up your film material and

cater for the corresponding reactions of your viewers.


  • NEW: It is no longer necessary to upload maps, since Vasco da Gama

5 represents the world as a globe. The annoying interchanging of maps

and charts is now a thing of the past! Turn the globe in all

directions, in order to configure your route quickly and directly. Of

course you can also integrate your own maps.

  • Precision in the detail: It is possible to take camera zoom shots

from space up to road level. Camera movements are freely adjustable

(position, tilt angle, line of sight…). The high-quality technology

in Vasco Gama 5 facilitates an outstanding representation of your

travel details.

  • Convenient: Vasco da Gama 5 HD Professional supports the import

GPS tracking route (formats such as CRS, G7T, GPX, KML, TCX, OVL and


  • Light and shadow effects: Light and shadow effects adapt to the

position of the sun (the month and time can be freely selected).

Impressive sunrises and sunsets bring your travel video even more to


  • Mobile: By evaluating GPS data from pictures, photos can be

automatically placed at the location where the picture was taken.

  • Extensive: Generation 5 provides a GPS database with up to 46,000

locations of cities and villages. With more than 300 3D objects you

can always create your routes with versatility and variation.

  • Nifty: The user interface of the program was revised. Intuitive

icon and stronger contrasts make the Vasco da Gama 5 easier to use.

Even experienced Vasco da Gama users feel immediately at home with it.

  • And that’s not all: Many further features were developed, so

that you can simply and impressively enrich your holiday video with

travel route animations.