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LinPlug relectro VST 1.0.0


It's no delay, no eq, no compressor, no filter, and no pitch

shifter. But it does all that, on a per wave cycle basis. Don't try to

grasp that intellectually, play it. Fire up some of the most boring,

overused, outdated drums you have and relectro them into something

completely different. Don't beleive it, do it.


Main processing section with effects similar to

  • Compressor / expander alike section
  • Cut-filter with infinite edge steepeness
  • Comprehensive pitch sections for

relative pitch changing of the input

pitch fixing of the input

(inverted) pitch following of the input signal

  • Variable wave repeat
  • Variable waveform replacement
  • EQ-alike section with 2 bands

Main modulation section with

  • Two conventional LFO
  • Two modulation step sequencer
  • Modulation matrix with pitch- and volume-follow

Output section with HP and LP filters and chorus.

Two wheels for dry/wet blending and morphing.

MIDI program change supported.

MIDI learn. Settings can be saved / restored.