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Mathworks Matlab R2011b UNIX ISO-TBE

Release 2011b includes new features in MATLAB� and Simulink�,

one new product, and updates and bug fixes to 83 other products.

activate software, and manage your license and user information.

MATLAB Product Family Highlights

MATLAB: Startup Accelerator for faster startup on Windows�, read

and write portions of arrays from MAT-files, and new spreadsheet

import tool

Parallel Computing Toolbox�: GPU support in applications and

components built using MATLAB Compiler�

Image Processing Toolbox�: Parallel block processing (blockproc)

of large images with Parallel Computing Toolbox

Global Optimization Toolbox: Mixed integer nonlinear programming in

genetic algorithm solver

Statistics Toolbox�: Lasso and elastic net for linear regression

variable selection from high dimensional data sets

Financial Derivatives Toolbox�: Pricing and sensitivity

calculations for sinking fund provisions, range bonds, and step

up/down coupon bonds

Data Acquisition Toolbox�: Measurement support for IEPE sensors

Instrument Control Toolbox�: Bluetooth serial communication


Bioinformatics Toolbox�: NGS Browser for viewing multiple tracks

of SAM- or BAM-formatted data

Robust Control Toolbox�: Automatic tuning of arbitrary controller


Simulink Product Family Highlights

Simulink: Project manager for library, model component, script and

MAT-file configuration management

Simulink Design Optimization�: Frequency-domain constraints for

model optimization

SimElectronics�: Semiconductor models with temperature-dependent

behavior and configurable thermal ports

Simulink Fixed Point�: Autoscaling using derived signal ranges

Simulink Coder�: Concurrent execution on multicore processors for

host-based targets and xPC Target�

Embedded Coder�: Code coverage with LDRA Testbed� and function

execution profiling for SIL and PIL testing

IEC Certification Kit: ISO 26262 support for Simulink Design

Verifier� and Simulink Verification and Validation�

SimEvents�: Faster discrete-event simulation and native hybrid

system modeling with Simulink

Simulink Code Inspector�: A new product for automating source code

reviews for safety standards

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Linux (64-bit)

Mac OS X (Intel 64-bit)

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