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Driver- San Francisco


Genre: Action / Racing (Cars) / 3D / 3rd Person

Detective John Tanner will re-appear on TV screens and monitors -

Ubisoft Reflections is working on a road ekshenom Driver: San

Francisco, which is designed to return the popular game series to its



• System: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7;

• Processor: Intel Pentium D 3.0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400 +;

• Memory: 1 GB;

• Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT with 256

• Hard disk space: ~ 5 Gb.

• The game takes place in contemporary San Francisco, however, the

authors said they were inspired by the car chases in films and

television series of the 1970s. Tanner, miraculously survived the

final in Istanbul in Driv3r, again pursuing criminal "authority"

Charles Jericho. During the chase, the hero gets into an accident and

is in the hospital.

• Tanner is in a coma, but does not realize it because his mind is

still in San Francisco. The purpose of the hero of the same - to find

and neutralize Jericho, plans a large-scale stuff. John was surprised

to open a new ability: he can move from one machine to another,

pushing for some time her mind is the driver. Passengers sitting in

the "stolen" car, usually do not realize that the substitution of, and

respond differently to the recklessness of Tanner.

• A new game mechanics, called the «Shift», Ubisoft Reflections

allowed to remove from the game, "walking" scenes and focus on

entertainment pursuits. As you perform missions (they are called

"tests"), the action's unique ability to expand, closer to the final

Tanner can "jump" in any car in San Francisco. True, this is a

limitation of legalized readers. If the car in which John sits, gets a

certain amount of damage, the invisible hand will throw him out of

another's consciousness and make the search for another car.

• Despite the fantastic element, reminiscent of eyeballs British

series "Life on Mars», Driver: San Francisco firm hold on reality.

Virtual City is very similar to real developers have tried to recreate

his famous hilly terrain, winding streets and many sights. The total

length of roads is almost 350 kilometers. Reinforce the impression 120

licensed cars, including: Fiat 500, DeLorean, McLaren F1s, Bugatti

Zonda, Porsche 911, plus, of course, a yellow 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Drive motorcycles and boats at this time would come, but the buggy

declared. The developers completely rewrote the physical model and

tried to bring control to what was in the very first Driver.

• THE DRIVER: San Francisco and back "mode director" ejected from

Driver: Parallel Lines. The new interface will allow players to easily

create and burn your own movies with spectacular car chases.

• But those to whom little sharp impressions of the "single»,

Ubisoft Reflections offers as many as nine multiplayer modes for 2-6

players - both on a split screen and online. Developers so far have

shown only one of them - «Trail Blazer»: members ride the machines,

computer controlled, and try to stay as close as possible to them. The

one who first scores 100 points.


• Playing in the movies. Experience the excitement of car chases

indomitable! Spectacular slip, long skids, sharp turns and high speed

maneuvering in heavy traffic vehicles: «Driver: San Francisco" on

entertainment is not inferior to the best kinoblokbasterov. Behind the

wheel of each of the more than hundreds of licensed cars you feel like

a hero of a Hollywood blockbuster.

• Endless hunting. Become the protagonist extremely topical

stories! Your hero - Detective Tanner, relentlessly pursuing the

well-known mafia Jericho. Believe me, he has personal reasons for

hatred. He has to survive in this mad race to San Francisco and take


• Vehicle - one a detective. Miraculously, having survived a

terrible car accident after Tanner has found a unique ability to

Shift, which allows instantaneous travel from one machine to another.

Instantly change your car during the chase in a more rapid, robust and

powerful. It is not excluded that even you can take control of enemy


• Roads! You open more than two hundred kilometers of roads

gorgeous San Francisco. You will pass over the bridge, "Golden Gate"

and see all the sights and the famous beauty of this magnificent city.

Moving from one machine to another, you can look at the metropolis

with a variety of angles.

• Mad traffic. Compete with other drivers in the nineteen dynamic

multiplayer modes! Shift function lets you time in the right place.

Play with friends over a network or on a split screen.

• And much more. Write down your most spectacular races and

chases, edit videos and share them with friends. Test your driving

skills in trials of twenty and eighty, "calls" on the streets. Well,

cheer up and boost the new achievements of more than sixty songs of

popular artists, as well as original theme Driver.


• It is based on a licensed copy of the game;

• Game:

  • Sound quality is not compressed / no recoded;
  • Video quality recoded to 25% (almost lossless);
  • All the way registry maintained;
  • Run through shortcuts on the desktop / start menu;

• Installation:

  • Approximate install time 10 min (a, s);
  • Installing additional. Software;
  • To extract the required 128MB of RAM;

• Author repack: