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AcousticSamples Old Black Grand Piano Pleyel

Everybody keeps on sampling the best and cleanest piano ever! here

is a completely different approach. We sampled an old Pleyel Grand

Piano (F-71240 model from 1928) with vintage gear like a studer

console and tube microphones, it has the rich and warm sound of the

old jazz/blues or even classical music recordings.


Here you can change most of the basic parameters of the library, the

volume of the releases, the noise the keys produce, the amount of

sympathetic resonance, the volume of the pedal noises, you can also

change the tone and enable the "true pedal action" (a feature that we

introduced that allows the pedal down resonance to fade in when you

press the pedal even if the note was started with the pedal up).


We recorded the OldBlackGrand with two pairs of microphones. One was

placed inside the piano, close to the strings and the other one

outside of it about where a soloist would be placed. You can change

the volume and pan of each microphone position as well as play them

all together to get the sound that you really want.


You have two way to adjust this library to your playing style /


  • The Map is a velocity remapper. You can tweak the imput/output

velocity mapping. You can find some presets in the velocity curve


  • The sensitivity decides how the volume is changed with velocity.

You can also choose a "min velocity" under which no sustain sound

will be played. You will still hear the key noises as on a real piano.


12,89Gb sample bank, no loops Recorded at 24/88,2Khz downsampled to


9 velocity layers for the sustain,

9 velocity layers for the release,

Extensive use of the filters of Kontakt4, the transitions between

layers are non noticeable leading to a continuous evolution of the


Two microphone positions: close (inside) and rim (singer position)

that you can enable/diable and mix,

Adjustable sympathetic resonance,

Thumps samples and Automatic Pedal noises samples,

True pedal action technology,

Midi panel to let you finely control the response of the instrument

(velocity remapper, sensivity),

Advanced scripting capabilities for a real mechanical behaviour

simulation and polyphony saving,