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Vijeo Citect 7.20
* Full-redundancy for reliable architecture: In factory automation
and other mission-critical applications, hardware failure can lead to
production loss and can result in potentially hazardous situations.
Vijeo redundancy will tolerate failure anywhere in your
system, with no loss of functionality or performance.
* Powerful graphics and user interface: The graphics capabilities of
your SCADA system are a critical factor in its overall usability.
Vijeo Citect lets you develop true color, easy-to-use graphics that
provide the operator with an intuitive, consistent user interface.
* Intuitive Process Analysis tool: The Vijeo Citect Process Analyst
is an intuitive process analysis and visualisation tool that sits
directly in the SCADA system, providing a complete story of your
plant, delivering actionable insight to the operator faster and
improving their efficiency and productivity.
* Engineering with ease: Whether you are configuring a distributed
system for water treatment or an entire mining application, Vijeo
flexible and targeted system engineering tools accelerate
your control system configuration process, significantly reducing your
engineering time and costs and minimising your project risk.