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Koku 1.2.4

Koku is a flexible financial manager that can handle it all. Keep

track of your money using Direct Connect to automatically and safely

transactions automatically tagged for you, so you never have to lift a

finger. Innovative smart tagging capabilities allow you to assign

multiple tags to every transaction, providing a more descriptive and

insightful picture of your spending and income. And no financial

manager would be complete without colorful reports that allow you to

visualize your spending habits like you've never seen them before.


Direct Connect


Smart Tagging

Add multiple tags to a transaction and take advantage of more

insightful spending and income reports.


Import data from OFX, QFX, OFC, and QIF files directly from your

financial institutions.

Flexible Reporting

Generate colorful, revealing reports on spending and income.

Quick Search

Locate transactions instantly with built in search capabilities.

Dashboard Widget

Get an up to date financial picture right from your dashboard

whenever you need it.

Koku requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.