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Thunderhead Engineering Pathfinder 2011.1.0928
PATHFINDER is a new evacuation simulator. Unlike flow-based or
cell-based models, Pathfinder uses techniques from current computer
science research to model the movement of individuals, building on
technology used in the gaming and computer graphics industries.
Pathfinder provides the tools necessary to make confident decisions
regarding building layout and fire protection system design. Multiple
simulation modes and customizable occupant properties let you easily
explore different scenarios, allowing calculation of conservative and
optimistic bounds on expected evacuation times.
Pathfinder is an agent-based simulator -- each occupant uses a set
of individual parameters and makes decisions independently throughout
the course of the simulation.
In addition to an advanced pedestrian movement simulator, Pathfinder
includes an integrated user interface and 3D results visualization.
Pathfinder allows you to evaluate evacuation models more quickly and
produce more realistic graphics than with other simulators.
Take advantage of modern agent-based simulation techniques performed
in a precise, continuous 3D environment.
Automatically import geometry from a 2D and 3D DXF files, FDS, and
Use multiple simulator modes, including a new steering mode and a
mode based on calculations from the SFPE Handbook.
Fine tune occupant characteristics and customize the appearance of
occupant groups.
Quickly create simulation models with built-in
drawing features.
Impress clients with high-quality 3D results.
View detailed charts of room occupancy and door usage.