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Navicat for MySQL Enterprise 10.0.6

Navicat for MySQL is a powerful Database administration and

development tool for MySQL. It works with any MySQL Database Server

from version 3.21 or above, and supports most of the latest MySQL

features including Trigger, Stored Procedure, Function, Event, View,

and Manage User, etc.

Features in Navicat are sophisticated enough to provide professional

developers for all their specific needs, yet easy to learn for users

who are new to MySQL.

With Navicat well-designed Graphical User Interface (GUI), Navicat

for MySQL lets you quickly and easily create, organize, access and

share information in a secure and easy way, taking MySQL


Navicat for MySQL is available for three platforms � Microsoft

Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It connects users to any local/remote

MySQL Server, providing several database utilities such as

Data/Structure Synchronization, Import/Export, Backup and Report, to

facilitate the process of maintaining data.