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Pro Tools M-Powered Essential 8.0.3

Extras. Information: - Updated interface

The new look and improved functionality of the program make use of

Pro Tools 8 as simple as never before, the speed of its unmatched, and

the volume capacity settings sufficient to meet the needs of the most

demanding user.

  • Full Studio

Included with the software Digidesign Pro Tools 8.0 includes more

than 70 virtual instruments, effects plug-in functionality and huge

amount of audio loops for fulminant release of your creative


  • Ability to add a large Number of tracks

Users of Pro Tools 8.0 software the opportunity to simultaneously

use up to 48 audio tracks in mono or stereo - it is 3 times higher

than the corresponding figures of previous versions. This innovation

allows you to create more complex and long mixes.

  • Keeping music in the form of notes

The new musical editor Score Editor lets you view, edit, sort, print

MIDI data as music notes and write music notation, using the tools or

the transcription of MIDI data in real time.

  • A full MIDI sequencing and the creation of

Completely new editor window MIDI Editor program Digidesign Pro

Tools 8.0 displays the sequencing to the next level and offers the

user a set of new features intuitive editing MIDI, tools and

opportunities to work with them. Digidesign Pro Tools 8.0 makes the

process of writing lots of virtual instruments and sound modules easy

as never before.

  • Tone Control

In Digidesign Pro Tools 8.0, you can easily change the key selection

or correct it in real time using a new tool Elastic Pitch, which was a

perfect complement to the previously presented Elastic Time.

  • Bringing the music to perfection

Burn perfect take from the first time can be extremely rare. New

processes of writing music quick and easy way to record a perfect game

from multiple takes.

  • Increased ability to control the hardware controllers

With improved integration of Pro Tools 8 with the console, ICON,

Digidesign control panel and an external hardware M-Audio, you can

assign controls plug directly into your controller.