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Micrografx Picture Publisher 10 PRO x 86

Picture Publisher offers complete image processing from start to

finish, including the ability to capture, manage, correct, enhance,

create, and publish images. Capture images from any number of sources,

including digital camera and scanner. Picture Publisher has full

support for 48-bit RGB and 64-bit CMYK.

Manage images, no matter how many there are. Browse thumbnails and

create albums to organize images any way you want. Correct images

quickly through automatic macros. Adjust white balancing and eliminate

red eye, and save time by batch correcting a number of images all at


Enhance images to transform them from a photo to a work of art. Add

creative text or a number of filters to make images have a greater

impact. Create artwork from the ground up with Picture Publisher's

extensive tools for the creative professional. A fully featured

toolset can turn anyone into a graphic artist or Web designer. Publish

images to a number of destinations. Optimize for the Web or e-mail,

make an HTML slide show, print out with accurate colors, or even burn


Picture Publisher is one of the oldest bitmap-based editors for

Windows. It was developed by Micrografx up through version 10.

Features: Picture Publisher offers complete image processing from

capture to publishing. You can capture images from any number of

sources. It can be digital camera or a scanner. Capture, manage,

correct, enhance, create and publish images. Whatever stage you need

to process an image, the picture publisher has the tools to do it. It

has full support for 48 bit RB and 64 bit CMYK color space images.

Managing pictures is no problem with this utility. Pictures can be

unlimited. All you need to do to organize the photo collection is to

browse the thumbnails and create albums. Create as many albums you

find logically needed. For a batch of images, if are able to define

the process, you can set up macros that can take care of a whole batch

of photographs/images. Whether correcting the white balance or

removing red eye process a batch of photos together in one go.

Not only enhancements but embellishment of photographs and images

are possible in this program. To the extent that a photo starts

looking like a work of art. A number of filters can be applied to the

images. Creative text captions or otherwise can be added. The

extensive toolset helps with anything creative you want to do with

your pictures. You can optimize the images for publication in

different media. Optimize them for publication on a web site, for

sending via e-mail, making a HTML slide show, print with accurate

colors or may be burn into a CD.

Overall: This is a wonderful application. You are offered a range,

almost complete, of image processing operations. A must have tool for

your tool chest.

System Requirements

IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB

RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)

Windows XP SP2

Windows Vista all SP?

Windows 7?

Language English