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Enchanted Cavern 2

The fable of the enchanted cavern has lived on in the hearts of

many, as it has been passed down through the generations. Young and

old alike have heard the tales of a jewel-lined cavern that sparkles

so vividly, the sight is unforgettable. Many have sought to uncover

this mythical place, yet few have succeeded. Only now are the age-old

secrets of the cavern ready to be revealed.

On each level of this mesmerizing matching game, the player must

eliminate groups of identically colored jewels with the click of a

mouse in order to break through obstacles and move ahead to the next

level. As the levels progress, so does the challenge. With so many

fires to put out, the biggest challenge is to complete each level in

the allotted time.

With vivid graphics, entrancing music and three game modes,

Enchanted Cavern 2 offers hours of jewel-filled fun for the whole



� 110 levels

� Adventure, Puzzle and Endless modes

� Four types of bonuses

� Seven chapters

� 21 trophies