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DiagBox 6 With Mr Peugeot 406

DiagBox 6 - Dealer diagnostic program for cars PEUGEOT & CITROEN. Works with the original Chinese and adapters XS Evolution Lexia3. Also present in the assembly manual, repair Peugeot 406, 1999-2002

DiagBox 6

Extras. Information:

Mount the image on DVD or a virtual drive

To install on an exit

Copy the patch to 'C: \ AWRoot \ bin \ fi \ cache \'

Run (you should have successfull message)

Run program DiagBox

Trigger activation (finger with the hand) DiagBox (in box write eaten 1234567 click OK. Then there are 2 fields in the first write 12345678901234567890123456789011 second 02FFFFFF click OK

You put a token and pp2000

go out, start to upgrade to 6.19

password to install new things scary01

connect the Chinese after the launch of the software or you can disable the auto-update the firmware:

Find the file C: \ AWRoot \ bin \ launcher \ ap.ini

Change the value MAJ_COM = TRUE on ---> MAJ_COM = FALSE

If your adapter does not see a car or determine only wine, use PSA Interface Checker to change the adapter.

utility TLCD (a) vadimus_ca (idea mudrec1980) - you can disable the code request at telekodirovanii

! WARNING! after the upgrade to 6.19 is not pressed for updates on the Internet, or fly off activation in versions older than 6.18 otsutvie manual activation. have carefully moving the software!

Repair Manual Peugeot 406, 1999-2002

Repair Manual, operation or maintenance of Peugeot 406 sedan and wagon, 1999 - 2002, including a limited edition model with a 4-cylinder petrol engines of 1.8 and 2.0 liters., And 2.0 diesel engines and 2.2 liters. turbocharged.

The manual provides detailed circuit diagrams and charts to various modifications are lists of possible failures and recommendations for their elimination, mating dimensions of the main components and their permissible limits of wear, are body dimensions. Described in detail design changes suffered by units and units of cars in production. You'll also find helpful advice of specialists who can help in some cases, to do without special tools and simplify operation.

Extras. Information: Not considered gasoline engines 1998 cm3 turbocharged engine 1997 cm3 direct injection, 2230 cm3, and the V-shaped engine 2946 cm3, and models with a body "coupe".

No chapters on first aid, because 401 pages, not 416.

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