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Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Conant Gardens-R2R
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Conant Gardens-R2R

Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Conant Gardens-R2R | 174MB

CONANT GARDENS brings the soulful vibe of Detroit to MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, and iMASCHINE, with a tasty main course of hip hop and a generous helping of funk, jazz, afrobeat and deep house on the side.

Conant Gardens is a district of Detroit - a famous landmark for the African American community and the birthplace of many artists and musicians, including the late J Dilla. Reflecting the varied and creative spirit of the neighborhood, this MASCHINE Expansion provides drum sounds, percussion, and a wide selection of sampled phrases to capture the deep, smoky sound of soulful modern hip hop.

The sounds in CONANT GARDENS were created exclusively by Amp Fiddler - renowned artist and producer, studio wizard, former keyboardist with Parliament/Funkadelic, and long-time collaborator and mentor of the late, legendary J Dilla. Amp is also in the privileged position of having access to sounds from J Dilla's extensive collection.

The patterns provided cover the eclectic spectrum of Detroit's musical heritage, from Amp Fiddler's layered, melodic phrases to driving bass and drums from special guest stars Black Milk and DJ Dez. This unique combination of rhythm and melody puts all the ingredients for the Detroit sound at your fingertips.

The Kits in CONANT GARDENS are something really special, mixing one-shot drums and long sampled phrases set to ADSR mode. This recalls classic sample techniques, saves you hours of crate digging, and also provides an intuitive way to play the phrases. Create new harmonic progressions by feeling and reinterpreting the samples, and combine and layer samples to create your own tracks. Take a close look at the patterns provided for inspiration!

Additional Melodic Kits provide the melodic phrases from Amp Fiddler's riffs and cascades in raw form.

Amp Fiddler's musical background is prodigious and eclectic, just like the sounds on offer here. Most of the samples were played and/or recorded by Amp Fiddler, using his very own collection of vintage and modern instruments and equipment.

Choose from drum beats, organ phrases, piano licks, funky horns, sampled basslines, clavinet riffs, sampled guitars, and some extra-soulful Rhodes piano - a whole studio of sound for creating well-rounded, melodic hip hop tracks.