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MathWorks MATLAB R2012b

Release 2012b includes major new releases of MATLAB and Simulink, featuring the new MATLAB Desktop, Simulink Editor, and Documentation Center. In addition, there is one new product and updates and bug fixes to 81 other products.

MATLAB and Simulink are used throughout the automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics, and industrial automation industries as fundamental tools for research and development. They are also used for modeling and simulation in increasingly technical fields, such as financial services and computational biology. MATLAB and Simulink enable the design and development of a wide range of advanced products, including automotive systems, aerospace flight control and avionics, telecommunications and other electronics equipment, industrial machinery, and medical devices. More than 5000 colleges and universities around the world use MATLAB and Simulink for teaching and research in a broad range of technical disciplines.

New Features at a Glance


  • Toolstrip that replaces menus and toolbars in MATLAB Desktop
  • Apps gallery that presents apps from the MATLAB product family
  • Single-file application packaging as a MATLAB App Installer file for inclusion in the apps gallery
  • Redesigned Help with improved browsing, searching, and filtering
  • Viewing of multiple documentation pages simultaneously with tabbed browsing
  • Suggested corrections for mistyped functions and variables in the Command Window
  • Full-screen view mode on Mac operating systems

Language and Programming

  • Abstract attribute for declaring MATLAB classes as abstract
  • Diagnostic message improvements when attempting to create an instance of an abstract class


  • Performance improvements and multithreading for airy, psi, and Bessel functions
  • ddensd function that solves delay differential equations of neutral type with state-dependent delays

Data Import and Export

  • Data import from delimited and fixed-width text files using Import Tool
  • Single-step import of numbers, text, and dates as column vectors from a spreadsheet with Import Tool
  • audioread and audioinfo functions for reading MP3, MPEG-4 AAC, WAVE, and other audio files
  • audiowrite function for writing MPEG-4 AAC, WAVE, and other audio files
  • Reading and writing of BigTIFF image files larger than 4 GB
  • Reading of XLSM, XLTX, and XLTM files on all platforms with xlsread function

MATLAB R2012b Release Notes:

Toolbox in this release

MATLAB Version 8.0 (R2012b)

Simulink Version 8.0 (R2012b)

Aerospace Blockset Version 3.10 (R2012b)

Aerospace Toolbox Version 2.10 (R2012b)

Bioinformatics Toolbox Version 4.2 (R2012b)

Communications System Toolbox Version 5.3 (R2012b)

Computer Vision System Toolbox Version 5.1 (R2012b)

Control System Toolbox Version 9.4 (R2012b)

Curve Fitting Toolbox Version 3.3 (R2012b)

DO Qualification Kit Version 2.0 (R2012b)

DSP System Toolbox Version 8.3 (R2012b)

Data Acquisition Toolbox Version 3.2 (R2012b)

Database Toolbox Version 4.0 (R2012b)

Datafeed Toolbox Version 4.4 (R2012b)

Econometrics Toolbox Version 2.2 (R2012b)

Embedded Coder Version 6.3 (R2012b)

Filter Design HDL Coder Version 2.9.2 (R2012b)

Financial Instruments Toolbox Version 1.0 (R2012b)

Financial Toolbox Version 5.0 (R2012b)

Fixed-Point Toolbox Version 3.6 (R2012b)

Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Version 2.2.16 (R2012b)

Global Optimization Toolbox Version 3.2.2 (R2012b)

HDL Coder Version 3.1 (R2012b)

HDL Verifier Version 4.1 (R2012b)

IEC Certification Kit Version 3.0 (R2012b)

Image Acquisition Toolbox Version 4.4 (R2012b)

Image Processing Toolbox Version 8.1 (R2012b)

Instrument Control Toolbox Version 3.2 (R2012b)

MATLAB Builder EX Version 2.3 (R2012b)

MATLAB Builder JA Version 2.2.5 (R2012b)

MATLAB Builder NE Version 4.1.2 (R2012b)

MATLAB Coder Version 2.3 (R2012b)

MATLAB Compiler Version 4.18 (R2012b)

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server Version 6.1 (R2012b)

MATLAB Report Generator Version 3.13 (R2012b)

Mapping Toolbox Version 3.6 (R2012b)

Model Predictive Control Toolbox Version 4.1.1 (R2012b)

Model-Based Calibration Toolbox Version 4.5 (R2012b)

Neural Network Toolbox Version 8.0 (R2012b)

OPC Toolbox Version 3.1.2 (R2012b)

Optimization Toolbox Version 6.2.1 (R2012b)

Parallel Computing Toolbox Version 6.1 (R2012b)

Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Version 1.1 (R2012b)

Phased Array System Toolbox Version 1.3 (R2012b)

RF Toolbox Version 2.11 (R2012b)

Real-Time Windows Target Version 4.1 (R2012b)

Robust Control Toolbox Version 4.2 (R2012b)

Signal Processing Toolbox Version 6.18 (R2012b)

SimBiology Version 4.2 (R2012b)

SimDriveline Version 2.3 (R2012b)

SimElectronics Version 2.2 (R2012b)

SimEvents Version 4.2 (R2012b)

SimHydraulics Version 1.11 (R2012b)

SimMechanics Version 4.1 (R2012b)

SimPowerSystems Version 5.7 (R2012b)

SimRF Version 3.3 (R2012b)

Simscape Version 3.8 (R2012b)

Simulink 3D Animation Version 6.2 (R2012b)

Simulink Code Inspector Version 1.2 (R2012b)

Simulink Coder Version 8.3 (R2012b)

Simulink Control Design Version 3.6 (R2012b)

Simulink Design Optimization Version 2.2 (R2012b)

Simulink Design Verifier Version 2.3 (R2012b)

Simulink Fixed Point Version 7.2 (R2012b)

Simulink PLC Coder Version 1.4 (R2012b)

Simulink Report Generator Version 3.13 (R2012b)

Simulink Verification and Validation Version 3.4 (R2012b)

Spreadsheet Link EX Version 3.1.6 (R2012b)

Stateflow Version 8.0 (R2012b)

Statistics Toolbox Version 8.1 (R2012b)

Symbolic Math Toolbox Version 5.9 (R2012b)

System Identification Toolbox Version 8.1 (R2012b)

SystemTest Version 2.6.4 (R2012b)

Vehicle Network Toolbox Version 1.7 (R2012b)

Wavelet Toolbox Version 4.10 (R2012b)

xPC Target Version 5.3 (R2012b)

xPC Target Embedded Option Version 5.3 (R2012b)

Company Overview

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software. Engineers and scientists worldwide rely on its products to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development.

Name: MathWorks Matlab

Version: R2012b 8.00 Build 783

Interface: english

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven

Size: 5.0 Gb

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