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Rosetta Stone V3.3.5 Multi Language

Type : Language

Language Learning That Works!

The Rosetta Stone works because its:



visually engaging

With Rosetta Stone you will never:



see lists of words

Instead youll see it, hear it and know it!

With Dynamic Immersion , you learn naturally by associating your new

language with rich images paired with sound and text.

I believe this is the full language set for 3.3.5, download what you need. Here is your chance to learn a new language. I have installed and used this, the instructions are good, the software works.

Begin by building a foundation of essential language skills. Gain confidence

and learn to share your ideas, opinions and feelings when you immerse

yourself in languages with Rosetta Stone.


  • Install the application by running RosettaStoneSetup.exe or mount the .iso.
  • Once installed, copy RosettaStoneVersion3.exe from the Crack folder

to the installation folder.

The activation screen will still appear but just click Activate Later;

you will be able to fully use any installed language packs regardless of

their activation status.

Also, make sure you dont update or register if it asks you to

  • Burn or mount your language iso

Included in this Pack:

Arabic V3 Level 1

Arabic V3 Level 2

Arabic V3 Level 3

Chinese (Mandarin) V3 Level 1

Chinese (Mandarin) V3 Level 2

Chinese (Mandarin) V3 Level 3

Danish V3 Level 1

Dutch V3 Level 1 2

English (American) V3 Level 1

English (American) V3 Level 2

English (American) V3 Level 3

English British V3 Level 1

English British V3 Level 2

English British V3 Level 3

Farsi V3 Level 1 2

French V3 Level 1

French V3 Level 2

French V3 Level 3

German V3 Level 1

German V3 Level 2

German V3 Level 3

Greek V3 Level 1

Greek V3 Level 2

Hebrew V3 Level 1

Hebrew V3 Level 2

Hindi V3 Level 1

Indonesian V3 Level 1

Irish V3 Level 1

Italian V3 Level 1

Italian V3 Level 2

Italian V3 Level 3

Japanese V3 Level 1

Japanese V3 Level 2

Japanese V3 Level 3

Korean V3 Level 1

Korean V3 Level 2

Korean V3 Level 3

Latin V3 Level 1

Pashto V3 Level 1

Polish V3 Level 1

Portuguese (Brazil) V3 Level 1

Portuguese (Brazil) V3 Level 2

Portuguese (Brazil) V3 Level 3

Portuguese V3 Level 1

Portuguese V3 Level 2

Portuguese V3 Level 3

Russian V3 Level 1

Russian V3 Level 2

Russian V3 Level 3

Spanish V3 (Latin America) Level 1

Spanish V3 (Latin America) Level 2

Spanish V3 (Latin America) Level 3

Spanish V3 Level 1

Spanish V3 Level 2

Spanish V3 Level 3

Swahili V3 Level 1

Swedish V3 Level 1

Tagalog V3 Level 1 2

Thai V3 Level 1

Turkish V3 Level 1

Vietnamese V3 Level 1

Welsh V3 Level 1

All Languages are separate ISO files


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