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MathWorks MATLAB 7.10
MathWorks MATLAB 7.10

MATLAB - a high-level technical computing language, interactive environment for algorithm development and modern tools of data analysis. Also present in the assembly library of books on the package MATLAB & Simulink.

MathWorks MATLAB

Genre: Systems for research

Language: English

Platform: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7

Library books on a package of MATLAB & Simulink

Year: 2012

Quality: eBook (original computer), the scanned pages

Years books: 1993-2012

Language: English, Russian, German, French, Italian

Total number of books: 323

MathWorks MATLAB

MATLAB - a high-level technical computing language, interactive environment for algorithm development and modern tools of data analysis. MATLAB compared to traditional programming languages ??(C / C + +, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN) allows an order to reduce the time solution of typical problems and simplifies the development of new algorithms. MATLAB is the foundation of the entire product family MathWorks is the main tool for solving a wide range of scientific and applied problems in areas such as: modeling facilities and development of control systems, design of communication systems, signal and image processing, measurement signals and testing, financial modeling, computational biology, etc.

MATLAB allows the kernel as easy to work with real matrices, complex and analytical data types. Contains built-in linear algebra (LAPACK, BLAS), fast Fourier transform (FFTW), functions for working with polynomials, functions, basic statistics and numerical solutions of differential equations. All built-in core MATLAB developed and optimized by experts and work faster or the same as their equivalent in C / C + +

Key features:

Platform-independent, high-level programming language oriented to matrix computations and the development of algorithms

Interactive environment for code development, managing files and data

The functions of linear algebra, statistics, Fourier analysis, the solution of differential equations, etc.

Rich visualization, 2-D and 3-D graphics

Built-in user interface design to create complete applications in MATLAB

Tools integration with C / C + +, inheritance code, ActiveX technology.

Library books on a package of MATLAB & Simulink

  • Synthesis and analysis of digital filters using the software package MATLAB [2006] (pdf, 41 p., 457K, ru)
  • Proceedings of the Second All-Russian Scientific Conference "Development of engineering and scientific applications in MATLAB" [2004] (rar, 33077K, ru)
  • Alekseev VR, Chesnokov, OV The solution of problems in computational mathematics package MathCAD 12, MATLAB 7, Maple 9 (496) [HT Press, 2006] (djvu, 29377K, 300dpi, ru)
  • IE Anufriev Tutorial MATLAB 5.3 6.x [BHV-Petersburg, 2002] (pdf, 718 p., 21416K, ru)
  • Anoufriev IE, Smirnov A., Smirnova EN MATLAB 7 [BHV-Petersburg, 2005] (rar, 1104 p., 28495K, ru) (+ m-files)
  • Badriev IB Banderov VV Zadvornov OA Development of a graphical user interface in the environment MATLAB [KGU, 2010] (pdf, 113 p., 1199K, ru)
  • Bazhenov, VA, etc. Numerical Methods in Mechanics (Odessa, 2005 Draft) (djv, 564 p., 5570K, 300dpi, ru, T, C, K)
  • Baryshev IV, AV Mazurenko Simulation of radio systems in the environment of MATLAB [HAI, 2002] (pdf, 29 p., 499K, ru)
  • Squealer NP Dynamic programming to economic problems with the use of MATLAB [UNN, 2006] (pdf, 50 p., 11803K, ru)
  • Vodolazskaya IV Introduction to MATLAB [Astrakhan, 2004] (pdf, 48 p., 501K, ru)
  • German Galkin-SG Matlab & Simulink. Designing mechatronic systems on PC [CROWN-Century, 2008] (rar, 368 p., 25410K, ru) (+ m-files)
  • German Galkin-SG Computer simulation of semiconductor systems in MATLAB 6.0 [Crown, 2001] (rar, 320 p., 6258K, ru) (+ m-files)
  • Govorukhin V. Tsybulin B. Computer in mathematical research: Maple, MATLAB, LaTeX [Peter, 2001] (djvu, 624 p., 10239K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Gonzalez, R., et al (Gonzalez R., et al.) Digital image processing in the environment MATLAB [Technosphere, 2006] (djvu, 616 p., 11970K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Gultyaev AK MATLAB 5.2. Simulation modeling in Windows: a practical guide (pdf, 285 p., 8216K, ru)
  • Dashchenko AF, etc. MATLAB in engineering and scientific calculations [Odessa, 2003] (djvu, 216 p., 1716K, 300dpi, ru, T)
  • Deacons AG Environment for calculation and visualization MatLab [2010] (pdf, 84 p., 1961K, ru)
  • VP Dyakonov MATLAB: tutorial [Peter, 2001] (djvu, 553 p., 11332K, 300dpi, ru)
  • VP Dyakonov MATLAB 6: Training Course [Peter, 2001] (pdf, 592 p., 40916K, ru)
  • VP Dyakonov MATLAB 6.5 SP1 / Simulink 7 5/6 in mathematics and modeling [Solon Press, 2005] (pdf, 576 p., 70730K, ru)
  • VP Dyakonov MATLAB 6.5 SP1 / Simulink 7 5/6. Signal processing and filter design [SOLON-Press, 2005] (5980032061, djvu, 575 p., 21164K, 300dpi, ru)
  • VP Dyakonov MATLAB 6.5 SP1 / Simulink 7 5/6. Basic Usage [Solon Press, 2005] (djvu, 800 p., 27583K, 300dpi, ru)
  • VP Dyakonov MATLAB 7. R2006 R2007 Tutorial [DMK, 2008] (pdf, 385 p., 9217K, ru)
  • VP Dyakonov Simulink 4. A special handbook [Peter, 2002] (pdf, 518 p., 12309K, ru)
  • VP Dyakonov Simulink 5/6/7. Tutorial (ISBN 97885594074442338) [DMK, 2008] (pdf, 784 p., 13067K, ru)
  • VP Dyakonov VisSim + Mathcad + MATLAB. Visual mathematical modeling [2004] (djvu, 384 p., 16591K, 300dpi, ru)
  • VP Dyakonov Guide to application of the system PC MATLAB [1993] (djvu, 112 p., 2670K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Dyakonov VP Abramenkova IV MATLAB. Signal and image processing. A special handbook [Peter, 2002] (djvu, 602 p., 31963K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Deacons, VP, VV Kruglov Mathematical expansion packs MATLAB. Special Reference [Peter, 2001] (djvu, 480 p., 6243K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Yegorenkov DL and other basics of mathematical modeling. The design and analysis models, with examples in the language MATLAB (djvu, 188 p., 6614K, 300dpi, ru)
  • NY gold The use of MATLAB in the scientific and academic work [2006] (pdf, 165 p., Ru)
  • Iglin SP Mathematical calculations based on MATLAB [BHV-Petersburg, 2005] (rar, 640 p., 8446K, ru) (+ m-files)
  • Iglin SP Probability theory and mathematical statistics, based on MATLAB [NTU KPI, 2006] (rar, 611 p., 13538K, ru) (+ m-files)
  • Ketkov YL, Ketkov A., M. Schulz MATLAB 7: Programming Numerical Methods [BHV-Petersburg, 2005] (djvu, 752 p., 16073K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Peddlers AG Development and analysis of mathematical models using MATLAB and Maple [ITMO, 2010] (pdf, 145 p., 1246K, ru)
  • Kotkin GL, VS Cherkassky Pioneer: physics simulation using MATLAB [NSU, 2001] (pdf, 170 p., 1160K, ru)
  • Lazarev Yu Modeling processes and systems in MATLAB. Training course [BHV, 2005] (djvu, 512 p., 14318K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Lazarev Yu Start programming in MATLAB [PCI, 2003] (pdf, 424 p., 5537K, ru)
  • Leonenkov A. Fuzzy modeling with MATLAB and FuzzyTech [BHV-Petersburg, 2005] (djvu, 719 p., 21013K, 300dpi, ru)
  • M. Lurie, Laurie O. The use of MATLAB programs in the study of electrical engineering course [2006] (pdf, 208 p., 4442K, ru)
  • MATLAB Simulink & Toolboxes (trans. Softline) (pdf, 61 p., 1298K, ru)
  • MATLAB. (Getting Started with MATLAB) technical computing language (translated Konyushenko VV) (djvu, 74 p., 365K, 300dpi, ru)
  • N. Martynov, Ivanov AP MATLAB 5.x Calculations Visualization Software [KUDIC image, 2000] (pdf, 336 p., 7858K, ru)
  • VS Medvedev, Potemkin VG Neural networks. MATLAB6 [Dialog-MIFI, 2002] (djvu, 496 p., 18612K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Matthews JG, Fink, KD (Mathews JG, Fink KD) Numerical methods. The use of MATLAB [Williams, 2002] (djvu, 713 p., 8848K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Novgorodians A. Calculation of electrical circuits in MATLAB [Peter, 2004] (djvu, 249 p., 4931K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Perelmuter VM Expansion packs MATLAB Control System Toolbox and Robust Control Toolbox [SOLON-Press, 2008] (djvu, 224 p., 3032K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Podkur ML etc. Programming in Borland C + + Builder in the math library MATLAB [DMK, 2006] (djvu, 496 p., 9033K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Polovko AM, Butusov PN MATLAB for the student [BHV-Petersburg, 2005] (djvu, 320 p., 6304K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Porshnev SV Computer modeling of physical processes in the package MATLAB [Hotline Telecom, 2003] (djvu, 592 p., 9676K, 300dpi, ru)
  • Potemkin VG MATLAB 5 for stud