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Audio Speed Changer Pro

Audio Speed Changer Pro allows you to speed up audio files without changing the pitch. It is primarily intended for accelerating audio books as well as podcasts, but can be surely used with any other sound track or file. Batch processing feature and convenient user interface make Audio Speed Changer Pro a valuable tool for book listeners and authors who want to save time.

Key Features:

Here is the list of key features which prove that Audio Speed Changer Pro is unrivalled and irreplaceable solution for speed-listening to audio:

Handles the MP3, OGG, WAV and AAC/MP4/M4A/M4B file formats as input.

The program can work in a batch mode. You can specify different tempo changing, pitch shifting and playback rate multiplier for separate files in the list.

Previewing of changes before final conversion.

Supports configurable output to the MP3, OGG and AAC/MP4 file formats converted audio will be available for speed listening on your personal computer, Smartphone, iPod and any portable MP3 player.

Individual tag editing.

Downmixing to mono feature.

An ability to normalize volume level of all output files.

The software can be integrated into the Windows Explorer shell for quick access to its major functions.

The portable version of Audio Speed Changer Pro is available.

  • 5 (September 27, 2012)

[+] Added full support for the Windows Media Audio (WMA) file format as input.

[+] From now on, the overall conversion progress is displayed on the Windows 7/8 task bar.

[+] Tested against the Ubuntu GNU/Linux Desktop 12.04 AMD64 + Wine 1.4 final no issues or flaws spotted.

[!] Upgraded the used list control.

[!] Improved handling of WMA- and AAC-encoded audio files on Windows Vista and 7.

[!] Confirmed compatibility with the Windows 8 Release Preview.

[!] Upgraded the utilized audio libraries.

[!] A couple of internal fixes.