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Worms Revolution - FLT

Worms Revolution - FLT

Language: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese

Genre: Strategy (Turn-based) / 3D

Hostile Whirlwinds wafted over them - the new game of the legendary series of humorous turn-based strategy. Advanced 3D-graphics makes favorite worms even more charming than before. And makes them deadlier than the classic 2D-gameplay enriched this time truly revolutionary capabilities. Ruthless killer worms now able to move objects that have all the physical properties, and even release the natural elements, literally washing away the enemy from level flood. But most importantly - their personality. Reckless ringed fighters finally had learned in the field and are now combined in teams with an eye on personal qualities. And - of course, of course, of course - they got hold of new weapons!

Worms of all countries, and arm! Join the great ringed army! The whole world in the dust! In the name of fun!

Release Information:

Steam Application ID: 200170

"The signature of purchase: Worms Revolution Pre-Order Gift

"The presence of pre-order bonuses:" Bonus Campaign Missions "," Exclusive Fort "," Exclusive Hats "," Exclusive Gravestones "," Exclusive Speechbanks "

"No need for third-party installers and updates. Resume game content completely and packed in a simple installer with little compression.