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Zildjian Gen16 S-pack V1 K Series Bfd Expansion Pack Dvdr-sonitus

Zildjian Gen16 S-Pack v1 K Series BFD Expansion Pack Dvdr-SONiTUS | 3.68GB

The Gen16 Digital Vault Sound Packs contain additional samples from Zildjian's acclaimed Vault collection. Sound Pack - Volume 1 includes nine of the most popular K Zildjian cymbals.

Each factory reference cymbal has been hand-selected by Zildjian's Master Cymbal Tester, Paul Francis, and painstakingly recorded by percussion sampling guru, John Emrich. The result - the purest cymbal samples available anywhere. Run Gen16 Digital Vault Sound Packs using the custom Gen16 Z-Pack's included software, or with the latest versions of BFD2 products.

K Zildjian cymbal sound samples included are:

16" K Dark Crash (Stick, Brush, Mallet)

18" K Dark Crash (Stick, Brush, Mallet)

19" K Custom Dark China (Stick, Mallet)

20" K Pang (Stick, Brush, Mallet)

13" KZ Hat (Stick, Brush)

14" K Light Hat (Stick, Brush)

20" K Ride (Stick, Brush)

20" K Crash Ride (Stick, Brush)

21" K Special Dry Ride (Stick, Brush)