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IBM SPSS Modeler v14.2

IBM SPSS Modeler v14.2 | 4.2GB

IBM SPSS Modeler is a set of data mining tools that enable you to quickly develop predictive models using business expertise and deploy them into business operations to improve decision making. Designed around the industry-standard CRISP-DM model, SPSS Modeler supports the entire data mining process, from data to better business results. SPSS Modeler offers a variety of modeling methods taken from machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistics. The methods available on the Modeling palette allow you to derive new information from your data and to develop predictive models. Each method has certain strengths and is best suited for particular types of problems.

SPSS Modeler Server runs continually in distributed analysis mode together with one or more IBM SPSS Modeler installations, providing superior performance on large data sets because memory-intensive operations can be done on the server without downloading data to the client computer. SPSS Modeler Server also provides support for SQL optimization and in-database modeling capabilities, delivering further benefits in performance and automation. At least one SPSS Modeler installation must be present to run an analysis.

Name: IBM SPSS Modeler

Version: 14.2.003

Interface: english

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven

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