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Boris Continuum Complete Adobe CS3 - CS6 8.1.1
Boris Continuum Complete Adobe CS3-CS6 8.1.1 | 295MB
Boris Continuum Complete 8 - A new version of a set of plug-ins for creating video effects, is a collection of additional filters and transitions for compositing of Adobe CS5-CS5.5 (Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro), Avid MediaComposer 6
New filters:
- Videoscope - check the color at every stage of the composition (checks color levels at any stage);
- Film Glow creates the effect of soft glows films (soft feel of exposed film).
- Flicker Fixer removes flicker (eg, light);
- Stage Light simulates the real world, including the volume;
- Lens Flare 3D c support GPU;
- Particle Emitter with support for OpenGL;
- Organic Strands - various "languages" of the plasma and the like;
- Wild Cards allows you to create two-dimensional images of the particles in three dimensions;
- Support for 32-bit color using a GPU,
and much more
The procedure for treatment:
Keymaker use of x-force team for BCC 8.0
Due to the upgrade version torrent was perezaleyte 10/12/2012.
System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP
- 32/64-bit processor support
- Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, CS4/CS5, CS6
- Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4/CS5, CS6