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Valentin PVSOL Expert 5.5 R2

For a detailed profit and loss account is the real representation of shading from surrounding objects of great significance. They are therefore looking for a program that is so analytically as possible taken into account the shading? PVSOL Expert offers just that you can manage all roof-integrated and elevated systems - even on Freiflaechen - with up to 2,000 modules visualize it in 3D and calculate the shading on the basis of 3D objects.

The user-friendly 3D Menuefuehrung divided into five areas of terrain view, Gebaeudeansicht, module allocation, and module interconnection module elevation. You simply choose Possible shading objects and place them in the ground or on buildings. PVSOL Expert then calculates how frequently the modules are shadowed by an average of these objects and displays the results graphically.

Your advantage: The visualization in 3D mode you will receive specific information about the shadows at different times and seasons, and thus over expected yield losses.