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Windows 7 8 - OEM Recovery Partition Creator v1.3.10B
Windows 7 8 - OEM Recovery Partition Creator v1.3.10B
Purpose of this software : Create a recovery partition to allow easy and fast recovery to a working state of Windows 7/8
This is similar to the OEM recovery option used on brand name computers like DELL, HP or Compaq.
This IS NOT a backup software. It should NOT be used to backup a full install of Windows 7/8 with your personnal files.
Target audience
OEM system manufacturer
Power user
Home technician that is bothered to always reinstall windows of friend's/familly computer
Create a complete image of the Windows installation
Official Microsoft method for system recovery with some modifications
Make use of built-in Windows 7/8 software but with added options in a custom menu
Bit-Locker is supported (but not TrueCrypt)
Support for UEFI/GPT
USB recovery media creator in Windows 7/8
Support the creator of a custom "Refresh" image under Windows 8
Future development
Create a recovery gui for the END USER
Better installation instruction part in the installation manual
Find a way to be 100% sure that the recovery letter is hidden in Windows (SetupComplete.Cmd?)