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Cisco ASA 5500 SeriesKeymaker 2010 - 2012
Cisco ASA 5500 SeriesKeymaker 2010 - 2012

Cisco ASA 5500 SeriesKeymaker 2010 - 2012 (Linux) | 975MB

ASA OS - ASDM - AnyConnect- AD Agent- SecurityPlus

The range of modular multifunctional protection devices ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) 5500 was created by Cisco Systems as a logical continuation of the line Cisco PIX - a very popular solution to protect the network perimeter infrastructure.

The main idea to create ASA 5500 series was a new strategy for Cisco Systems to create SDN (Self Defending Networks), which provides comprehensive protection for networks to actively respond to network attacks and prevent them in the first place.

The infrastructure of the company, took the ASA 5500 classic firewall (firewall), allowing to protect the enterprise network or the individual segments, but the functionality of the solutions are much wider.

ASA 5500 combines a number of technologies and solutions for information security.

Control connections between network nodes provides built-in firewall with packet inspection mechanisms stateful (stateful inspection firewall) at levels 2-7, which allows you to monitor all network communications and help prevent unauthorized access to the network. Mechanisms of analysis protocols at the application layer provides protection against illegal use of allowed ports, such as HTTP - TCP port 80 for ICQ and other applications.

ASA 5500 can arrange secure remote VPN access using technologies IPSec and SSL. These technologies are the best way to protect sensitive information during transmission over public or trusted network. Combining technologies VPN c mechanisms of adaptive threat protection protects your internal network from attacks through VPN access.

ASA 5500 can operate in "silent" mode, thus it will not be a visible node of the network, will transparently pass traffic, providing a level of protection.

Through the implementation of a single device multiple virtual devices can provide flexibility ASA 5500 and reduce investments in protecting the network infrastructure.

Built-in mechanisms of duplication allow highly reliable access to the resources they need with two ASA 5500 devices, in case of failure of one ASA 5500 second unit will take over the entire load scenes.

ASA 5500 implements a part of the modern router functions, such as dynamic routing protocols RIP and OSPF, redundancy Internet access, mechanisms to ensure the quality of service (QoS).

Extend the functionality of ASA 5500, you can use the installation of hardware modules intrusion prevention (AIP-SSM) and content protection (CSC-SSM). AIP-SSM module is designed to protect your network from these types of attacks, it is running specialized software Cisco IPS version 5.0 and contains the signature database network attack. CSC-SSM module was developed in collaboration with Trend Micro and is designed to protect against a wide range of attacks and malicious software, contains in its composition of antivirus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, URL filtering options, mechanisms of protection against phishing. It is recommended for the protection of workstations and servers in your organization with access to the Internet.

Year: 2010-2012

Version from asa823-k8 Build to asa901-k8.bin

Developer: cisco systems

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Language: English

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