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Infragistics NetAdvantage for Visual Studio Lightswitch 2012 Vol 2
Infragistics NetAdvantage for Visual Studio Lightswitch 2012 Vol 2

Whether you're a developer or a business power user, our controls for LightSwitch give you quick and easy tools to create eye-catching, high-quality, custom business apps for the desktop or cloud. Harnessing the incredible data visualization capabilities of our NetAdvantage for Silverlight product, you can leverage custom shells and unique themes to create code-free dashboards, interactive Map, and other visually compelling editing experiences.

Solutions for Every Business Scenario

Quickly and easily bind data to Charts, Gauges, interactive Maps, Grids, and Editors to build versatile, highly customizable dashboards that illustrate your most important KPIs and actionable metrics.

Performance and Speed

Deploy your apps on time and on budget without sacrificing quality. Our Data Chart control is designed for high performance - readily handling large data sets that range into the millions of data points and updating every second. Meanwhile, our feature-laden Data Grid was built for speed and can easily replace an existing list experience.

Deeper Analysis

With the Pivot Grid, which binds to OLAP data sources or flat data source like Excel or SQL Server, your end users can filter, drilldown and work within data to glean more in-depth analytics for better analysis.

Style and Substance

Simple, elegant styling tools elevate UX to new heights. Build custom interfaces with unique Themes like the Infragistics Theme, Office 2010 Blue Theme, Windows UI Theme, and Orange Theme. Our Custom Shells also add a modern twist to your applications, like our Outlook/TileView shell, which allows you to aggregate activity and data from multiple Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch screens into one view, allowing for faster switching between screens.