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Assassins Creed III v1.01
Assassins Creed III v1.01

Assassins Creed III v.1.01 (2012/MULTi2/Rip by R.G. Mechanics)

Genre: Action Adventure

1775. Colonial America. The brave young soldier fighting in defense of their homeland. But what was to be a fight for territory, turns incredible journey, at the end of which the hero becomes a master assassin and forever change the fate of an entire nation.

Become the Connor - son of British and Indian. When the colonies were on the verge of revolution, the young warrior dedicated to fighting for freedom. He longed to be a spark that kindled the flame, and, attracted by this end, he started on his journey. His path lies in the blood-drenched battlefields and streets filled with people, the unspoilt wilderness, in a place where no man has gone before. You do not have to be a spectator of history - you do it by hand.

Find yourself in the midst of a bloody revolution in world history, behold a new fight between the Order of Assassins and their eternal enemies - the Templars. Features a deadly arsenal of techniques, greatly expanded over the years, and around you - a convincing world awakened to life through technology Anvil Next.


"The new Master Assassin: As Connor, Native American Assassin, show their predatory instincts to track enemies and destroy them with a new arsenal of weapons that includes a tomahawk, Rope Dart, firearms and more.

"Break out the flames of the Revolution: Fighting in the fields of Lexington and Bunker Hill, you become the first American artist skilled assassin. Support the Revolution, working with well-known historical figures like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and others

"Examine the Brave New World: Pursue your enemies in vast areas, from the noisy city streets and ending with the blood-soaked battlefields and unexplored expanse of the American frontier.

"A stunning new engine: Experience the power of Anvil Next, a new engine, developed by Ubisoft exclusively for Assassin's Creed III. Revolutionary physics, animation and weather system creates unprecedented realism as a completely new combat system will present tense and breathtaking battle.

"Ride the sea: Become the captain of your own battleship and send their enemies in the depths of the sea floor.

"The intense multiplayer: become popular multiplayer mode returns with a host of upgrades, including a completely new characters, maps, and models that will give the most memorable to date online experience.

Features Rip'a:

  • Game Version - 1.01
  • Cut multiplayer
  • Do not recoded
  • Release R.G. Mechanics