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Windows 8 AIO 16in1 RTM MSDN Original
Windows 8 AIO 16in1 RTM MSDN Original

Windows 8 - This is the operating system Windows, rethought and built on the fast and reliable Windows 7. With a brand new interface for touchscreen devices. New Windows for new devices. You can try right now - no matter whether you are installing it for the first time or upgrading from Windows 8 Release Preview.

Net system - no resources patched.


  • In Windows 8 is no softkey "Start" and the classic menu. Instead, use a special screen Start style Subway (Metro UI), access to which is "activated carbon" and Windows button on the keyboard. Has also been redesigned and updated with new features Task Manager.

Internet Explorer 10 is included as well as a desktop and a touch of the program. The latter does not support plug-ins or ActiveX, but includes a version of the player Adobe Flash Player, which is optimized for touch.

Now you can log into Windows using Windows Live ID | Live ID. This will enter the user's profile and download settings via the Internet, and also adds integration with SkyDrive.

Windows Store will be the only way to purchase and download Metro-applications and desktop applications.

Two new methods for user authentication picture password, which allows a user to log on using the three touches on the picture, and the PIN-code that allows you to log in with a four-digit PIN-code.

Explorer will include a Ribbon-tape, as well as improvements in the methods of conflict resolution when copying files.

Two new System Restore: Update and Reset. Update for Windows restores all files to their original state, while retaining all settings, files, and applications. Reset also returns the computer to the factory settings.

Task Manager has been changed.

Family Safety is designed to enable parents to protect their children online.

Ability to clean install Windows 8 Professional with Media Center.


  • Windows 8 x86
  • Windows 8 N x86
  • Windows 8 Pro x86
  • Windows 8 Pro VL x86
  • Windows 8 Pro N x86
  • Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x86
  • Windows 8 Enterprise x86
  • Windows 8 Enterprise N x86
  • Windows 8 x64
  • Windows 8 N x64
  • Windows 8 Pro x64
  • Windows 8 Pro VL x64
  • Windows 8 Pro N x64
  • Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x64
  • Windows 8 Enterprise x64
  • Windows 8 Enterprise N x64

Includes one image all the English, 32-bit and 64-bit edition of Windows 8 RTM.

Assembly based on the original MSDN-images, and includes all available English-language editions of Windows 8 RTM.