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Stardock Icon Packager 5.10.032

IconPackager is a useful program for those who like to modify the interface of its operating system. IconPackager allows users to change nearly all the icons in Windows, along with the use of "batch mode" change icons, you can change each icon individually. IconPackager contains a set of icons that are the most common icons on your PC, you can easily change and enjoy pleasing the eye is always something new.

Program features:

IconPackager is one of the most versatile and powerful, but still handy for setting of Windows available today. IconPackager allows you to customize the features of Windows, which are not available from the standard user interface. Some of these features can improve the performance of the system, some will make your life a little easier with Windows. Some features of IconPackager allows him to stay a cut above most of these programs.


By default, IconPackager will use any icons that you set as your default package. If you load a different package, the program will introduce a new package of icons instead of old ones. At the same time you can edit more than 100 different icons, which are common in Windows. There are different categories of icons on your system, you can change the icon by any single open file dialog by entering another. Ico file. You can also edit icons with IconDeveloper.

Changing the settings icons:

Most of these options obviously, but there is a couple of settings that are quite important. Usually no one knows that there are icons in the set only in standard sizes: 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48. The program does not support other formats. In fact, some do not support even the size of 48x48. IconPackager allows you to change the size of icons on your system at any what you want. But remember, if the icons are not one of these three sizes, they can look fuzzy or wrong.