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Clock Screensavers 2012 v1.00
Clock Screensavers 2012 v1.00

In this collection of screensavers are animated clock on different backgrounds. In the intro to have multiple background images that change every minute and animated backgrounds.

List of screensavers:

Movie - Azure Watch

Movie - World Time

Movie - Night city

Movie - New York City

Movie - Optical flares

Movie - Chime Russia

Movie - Underwater

Movie - Watch Abstraction

Movie - Watch Belarus

Movie - Watch the sunset

Movie - Watch Kazakhstan

Movie - Watch Leopard

Movie - Mechanical watch

Movie - Watch Clouds

Movie - Watch Fire

Movie - Watch Russia

Screensaver - Watch the clouds

Movie - Watch The Sun

Movie - Watch Tiger

Movie - Watch Grass

Movie - Watch Tropical

Movie - Watch Ukraine

System requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Adobe Flash Player 11 or earlier

Year: Nov 2012

Platform: x86-x64

Compatible with Windows7: full


Howto Install Screensavers

Right-click in the program installer, and then click Run As Administrator