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Serif PhotoPlus X6

Serif PhotoPlus X6 with Textures and Overlays Collections 1 & 2 ISO-TBE | 1.57GB

Edit and enhance photos of family, friends, and holidays in no time with the easy-to-use tools in our great-value, must-have photo editing software. Make simple, hassle-free fixes in minutes and achieve stunning results with professional features, all in PhotoPlus X6.

Make selections with great precision

If you like cutting people or objects from photos, but hate tackling tricky areas like hair or leaves, youll love our new Smart Selection and Edge Refinement tools.

A clever selection brush makes selecting parts of an image or cutting out intricate parts of a photo much more refined. And new smart edge refinement improves selections even further; hone in on detailed areas for flawless cut-outs.

Work faster than ever

PhotoPlus X6 operates faster than ever before if youre working on a computer or laptop with a 64-bit operating system.

A brand new engine means no more waiting for the program to catch you up, which is especially helpful when editing complex or large images and Raw files.

Uncrop and keep all adjustments intact

Ever cropped a photo, edited and adjusted it, then decided you didnt like your crop? Reverting to your original image wouldve meant losing all those changes you made, but not anymore.

Non-destructive cropping makes your original image retrievable whenever you need it, without discarding any further edits youve carried out. Genius!

Edit Raw files in more detail

Working with Raw files in SLR-optimised PhotoPlus X6, youll want complete flexibility when it comes to shaping your photos. And thats exactly what you get with our re-engineered Raw Studio.

Drag and drop lighting effects, adjust white balance and exposure, reduce noise, crop, and apply adjustments in specific areas with masks. All-round enhancements make Raw editing more convenient and powerful than ever. = High Speeds