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NewBlueFx Video Essentials Tools V3.0 Build 121113 x86/x64
NewBlueFx Video Essentials Tools V3.0 Build 121113 x86/x64

NewBlueFx Video Essentials Tools V3.0 Build 121113 x86/x64 | 373MB

The NewBlueFX Video Essentials Collections are bundles of 10 highly-practical video effects designed to make your workflow more efficient. Think of these as a Swiss army knife of tools designed to enhance, optimize, and accelerate your productivity. Just as every painter needs a canvas, brush, and paint, no video editor should be without this best-selling collection.

Video Essentials is currently available in 5 collections:

Video Essentials:

Includes 10 Plugins: Color Fixer Plus, Crop Borders, Detail Enhancer, Flash Remover, Pixelator, Sharpen, Soft Focus, Tint, Touch Up, Video Tuneup.

Great for: Event films, cinematic films, experimental films, music videos, commercials.

Video Essentials II:

Includes 10 Plugins: Chroma Key, Color EQ, Color Swap, Lens Correction, Letterbox, Noise Reducer, Picture-In-Picture, Rack Focus, Shadows and Highlights, Vignette.

Video Essentials III:

Includes 10 Plugins: Auto Contrast, Diffusion, Dual Booster, Edge Smoother, Gradient Tint, Image Mapper, Proportion Helper, Rolling Shutter, Split Screen, Spotlight.

Video Essentials IV:

Includes 10 Plugins: Bleach Bypass, Day for Night, Drop Shadow, Fish Eye, Luma Key, Magnifying Glass, Reflection, Skin Touch Up, Slide Show, Time Clock.

Video Essentials V:

Includes 10 Plugins: Alpha Processor, Background Generator, Color Fixer Pro, Old TV, Outline, Progressive Stretch, Selective Color, Selective Focus, Selective Tint, View Finder.

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