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WOAT v4.0 B2 Windows 7-8 Office 2010 VL Activation Tool
WOAT v4.0 B2 Windows 7-8 Office 2010 VL Activation Tool

WOAT its a versatile tool that Check for Activation Status (W7-8/O2010), Activate W7-8 and Servers (OEM/KMS), Activates Office 2010 VL (KMS), Reset W7/Servers Back to Trial Mode and many more...

WOAT Main Features:

Activation Status Check (W7-8/Office 2010)

OEM Activation (W7) (Slic v2.1 only)

KMS Activation (W7-8/Servers/Office 2010 VL)

Resets W7 Back to Trial (All Versions / Except Multipoint)

OEM Activation Support:

Note: Slic v2.1 only

Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate.

KMS Activation Support:

Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise (N and E), and Multipoint Server. Windows 8 PRO. (will add other versions later)

Office 2010 VL Editions Of:

Professional Plus, Standard, Small Business Basic, Project Professional/Standard, Visio Premium / Professional / Standard, Mondo / Mondo 2, Word, Excel , PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Groove, InfoPath, OneNote and Publisher. [Win7 and Win8 Pre M3 Build 7955]

Reset to Trial Supports:

Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate (N and E).

Release Notes 4.0:

BETA TEST of Windows KMS Activation. Select Y then C then

Bug fixes.

Not a final product please give feedback.