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SlimCleaner 4.0.25845.499585

SlimCleaner is the worlds first software that lets you clean and optimize Windows systems using a crowd-sourced approach. SlimCleaner uses aggregated-cloud feedback to recommend optimal settings for programs, start-ups and services. It is a powerful, comprehensive utility combining the best of IT tools and utilities designed to assist computer users, technicians, and support personnel with the task of cleaning and optimizing a computers operating system.

Also is a useful application that was created in order to assist you in cleaning your system of unwanted remnats of various software installations, toolbars and unneeded services. SlimCleaner combines the industrys fastest PC cleaning engine with a community of users who provide real-time feedback to improve computer performance. SlimCleaner uses social networking and community-sourced feedback to tell people whats on their computer, and what they can do about it: its like having an army of tech-savvy geeks helping consumers maintain their machines.