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Toad DBA Suite for SQL Server v5.8 Commercial
Toad DBA Suite for SQL Server v5.8 Commercial

The Toad DBA Suite for SQL Server is a complete set of SQL Server DBA tools that automate maintenance tasks, ensure optimal performance, and mitigate the risk of change. It helps you easily increase accuracy and resolve issues before they impact production. You can also greatly reduce the risks associated with database vulnerability, performance bottlenecks, upgrades, patches, and more. With the Toad DBA Suite for SQL Server, you can work smarter, not harder - no matter how much experience you have as a DBA.

The Toad DBA Suite for SQL Server boosts productivity by enabling you to:

Automate, schedule, and simplify repetitive, time-consuming tasks

Use a smooth workflow through a single suite of integrated tools

Integrate with Quest SQL Optimizer for SQL Server for quick resolution of performance bottlenecks

View all managed databases collectively and drill down to objects and task execution - all within the same window

Manage SQL Server user accounts efficiently and accurately - without the use of scripts

Diagnose database performance bottlenecks through visual representations of SQL Server, Analysis Services, and SQL Azure database environments

Automate the SQL optimization process

Correlate SQL Server performance with corresponding Windows information

Evaluate the impact of database changes (upgrades, patches, new configurations, indexing) through database workload replay

Use what-if analysis to preempt SQL performance regression due to indexing

Deploy schema and data model changes