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Microsoft Office 2013 32bit and 64bit Uncorrupted - NO KEYS
Microsoft Office 2013 32bit and 64bit Uncorrupted - NO KEYS

This is direct from Microsoft's web site. I Have my own key and needed to reinstall and found no original versions so decided to go thru all the steps. It contains both 32bit and 64bit in a image format uncorrupted version of MS-Office 2013. You need to either burn image to a disk or use a program such as Winrar, magic ISO or any program which will extract the files.

You do not have to download both files unless you want them both. Choose which one you need...

(MSOfficeProfessionalPlus-2013-_x86_en-us.img---------- is 32bit)

(MSOfficeProfessionalPlus-2013-_x64_en-us.img---------- is 64bit)

for those of you who don't know already.

These images are virus free. If you Don't trust them then go to the link that I have provided below, Fill out all the forms and download them your self.

The above link will also supply you with a 60 day trial evaluation key.

There are no keys included. Repeat... NO KEYS, just the original program from Microsoft. You must have your own keys (Or Other) to activate!