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Ogon Musokyoku CROSS
Ogon Musokyoku CROSS

Ogon Musokyoku CROSS (Golden Fantasia CROSS)

JPN | Platform: PC | Release: Octorber 20, 2012 | Size: 1.81 GB

Genre: 2D/Fighting/DLC/Expansion

First of all, this is an expansion. IT WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT THE BASE GAME HERE:


Ogon Musokyoku CROSS (Golden Fantasia CROSS), is an expansion to the original game, Ogon Musokyoku. The expansion contains balance tweaks and 9 brand new characters to choose from:

  • Jessica Ushiromiya
  • George Ushiromiya
  • Rosa Ushiromiya
  • Erika Furudo
  • Dlanor A. Knox
  • Black Battler
  • Willard H. Wright
  • Lambdadelta
  • Bernkastel