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MCS Drivers Disk
MCS Drivers Disk

This CD is a collection of drivers with the ability to install the necessary drivers in a few clicks. The program automatically detects what drivers are needed for the computer. Works with the standard installer, unpacked drivers.

Supported OS:

Windows 2000 SP4

WindowsXP 32/64 bit

Windows2003 32/64 bit

Windows Vista 32/64 bit

Windows 2008 32/64 bit (not tested)

Windows 2008 R2 64 bit (not tested)

Windows 7 32/64 bit

Windows 8 32/64 bit

Windows 2012 64 bit (not tested)

Defined devices:




NIC and PCI modems

Controllers HDD

IEEE 1394 Host Controller

USB Host Controllers

CardBus Controllers

USB Devices

LPT printer

Serial external modems

PCMCIA devices

Some common ACPI device.

Number of drivers found by the program for one or Ina OS depends on the availability of those on the disk (limited by disk size) and the correct ways to fill in the appropriate configuration files. Users can add or remove drivers from the disk and supplement the HWID.

This program was written for himself and his friends and, accordingly, comes As Is (as is). Drivers on the disc have not been tested for compatibility with all operating systems for which they are declared. The author is not liable for any damage caused by using the program.

~ Extras. Information:

WARNING! This version of the framework uses two drivers - standard and enhanced. Therefore who collected their collection of drivers, there is a need to create a database from scratch. Backward compatibility is present, ie version 7.x - 9.x will work with the new build.

The generator database drivers now works in semi-automatic mode. We strongly recommend that when you create a database are marked with the OS version is designed for any one or other inf-file driver. The process of creating a database for the driver often has to be repeated several times. Now more complex, but more accurate results.

What does it mean automatic? If you happen to have noted some OS, but in the inf-file in section HWID set with a specific suffix, ie such NTx86.6.1, then the generator will still add value to the database for this operating system. What suffixes handles generator, can be viewed and changed in mcsdrv.ini section osdrvsufix. But I do not advise to get involved too, because excessive automation can lead to false rezultatam.Napimer NTamd64 suffix does not guarantee that a driver is suitable for all 64-bit OS. Driver manufacturers standards unfortunately do not comply, and much depends on the date of the driver.

If, however, you decide to edit this section, we note that the suffix is ??part NTamd64 NTamd64.6.0 suffixes such as. So if you want to handle the generator is suffix NTamd64, not NTamd64.6.0, then the list of suffixes it should end right square bracket - NTamd64]

Known Issues: sometimes crash. (Corrects off Avtozaprosa status in the settings)

Rewrote Genepator database drivers.

Programm can compare drivers (by date or version - Select the options in the dialog)

Improved algorithm autoload database programs. If the file name contains both x86 (x32) and x64 then the path to the file is written in a way for both types of systems. Similarly, now and for files with no suffix x86 (x32) and x64.

Added option to set the startup programs.

If the path to the program file is empty for the corresponding bit OS, the program does not appear in the list.

Improved algorithm backup system drivers, fixes some bugs. For correct operation with invalid registry entries in the "Control".

Audited drivers in the assembly. Remove duplicates. All drivers previously packed using Smart Install Maker repacked with 7-zip and SFX module from Oleg Shcherbakov. (Razmerchik some installyashek decreased significantly).

I hope now active paranoid antivirals diminished.

Updated language files

Updated device database

SIV updated to version 4.34

Microsoft. NET v3.5 (sets 2.0 - 3.5) for x86 Windows XP

[+] Microsoft. NET v4.0 x86-x64 for Windows 7

[+] Crystal DiskMark v3.0.2c

[+] Webcam Diagnostic v1.9

Updated some drivers to the current version, and added new ones.

[+] Added drivers for windows 8

Other improvements and fixes

System requirements: Windows2000 SP4 and above