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Encyclopedia Universalis 2013
Encyclopedia Universalis 2013

Enter the Universalis 2013 and discover the power of the new digital architecture! From the home page, you can access with one click to all thematic sets and different search modes.

Enter the first letters of your keyword: Universalis and complete your request list for you all the answers exactes.Des the first click, you will appreciate the speed of the application (using a new encoding 100% new). Through a truly intuitive interface, navigation becomes easy, instant, and whatever the type of document selectionne.L display gaining clarity and logic, whether results pages, articles or thematic rooms, the new media player automatically handles all formats of images, videos and sons.Vous also discover a new integrated application in Universalis 2013: "Figures of the world", which compiles over 32,000 data Current statistics and multi can be crossed and compared according to the settings of your choice.

Cultural reference.

The digital edition of Universalis is part of a double perspective: an overall look and careful observation of details. Thus, for each subject, authors and publishers embrace the entire question and all its ramifications, not to mention specific issues not to be missed.

In other words, the method Universalis editorial is to use both a telescope (overview) and a microscope (study of facts) to realize a complete and accurate knowledge TODAY ' Today.

This dual perspective allows updating with depth and accuracy of digital publishing Universalis. The telescope scans all fields of knowledge: the emerging areas which are the subject of new products; areas already treated, whose articles are then revised or extended, sometimes even completely replaced by the original text.

Microscope, meanwhile, continuously scans all the elements of the set, to retain the facts that make sense, and to transcribe through the evolution of new definitions and data (statistical significant information, details biographical interpretations scientific, legal, social, etc.)..

It is this requirement that makes reference Universalis absolute cultural edition in French, and that brings to its readers a source of information and understanding of safe, fully engaged with the present.


  • Tens of thousands of new information

Articles, notes, figures, brief news, statistics, media

  • An updated edition

Geopolitics, economics, science, history, art, international relations, thousands of documents have been updated including all new developments to answer questions today

  • Navigation and consultation optimized

Faster (re-encoding), more intuitive Universalis 2013 brings comfort increased research and reading, including the lengthy consultations ...

  • The information in figures

All the most recent data, classified by countries and continents, in all measurable areas: demography, economy, defense, education ...

  • Search progressive

The new search engine will automatically complete your entry and offers immediate results listings indexed for absolute relevance!

  • And as always ...

Display tabs adaptable to all sizes and screen definitions, archiving tool and annotation text documents or media, print manager, export function (including PDF), zoom text and media, etc. .

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