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Eos Systems Photomodeler Scanner 2012.2.1.780
Eos Systems Photomodeler Scanner 2012.2.1.780

PhotoModeler Scanner provides the tools for you to create accurate, high quality 3D models and measurements from photographs. The process is called photo-based 3d scanning.

PhotoModeler Scanner is a 3d scanner that provides results similar to a 3d laser scanner. This 3d scanning process produces a dense point cloud from photographs of textured surfaces of virtually any size. To compare PhotoModeler Scanner and other 3d scanning technologies read our white paper: 'A New Way to 3D Scan.'

The PhotoModeler Scanner software has all the capabilities of the base PhotoModeler product plus the capability to do Dense Surface Modeling (DSM), 3d scanning and SmartMatch.

Dense Surface Modeling is used in any application where a large number of 3D points are needed. The surfaces being modeled need a natural or random texture (or that texture can be applied or projected). Most applications where a 3d laser scanner works, DSM will work also.

Some DSM applications are:

Archaeology: get a dense cloud of points of stratified dig surfaces non-contact scans of artifacts.

Architecture and Preservation: obtain a dense surface cloud of a stone wall or structure capture the detail in a building facade.

Art / Museum / Curatorial: non-contact surface scans of bas-reliefs, masks, and some statues.

Civil Engineering: models of cuts and fills in road work models, surfaces and measurements of stock piles sand dune surveys for erosion monitoring.

Film and animation: scan sets and objects for modeling help produce highly accurate bump maps of real surfaces.

Forensics: 3D scans of bite marks 3d surface scans of tire marks and foot imprints in soil and wet sand.

Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Measurement: surface shape of manufactured parts (using a projected random pattern) modeling deformation of fabrics and gossamer materials.

Medicine: 3D scans of skin surface for body morphological measurements point clouds and surfaces of a childs back with scoliosis.

Mining, Excavation and Geotechnical: surface models of open pit mine faces, cliffs, exposed rock characteristics models of slag heaps andstockpiles volcano monitoring.