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Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SATA AHCI Update

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SATA AHCI UpdatePack (2012/RUS/ENG) | 1.2GB

English Default

Building on the basis XP Professional x64 Edition SP2 Volume MSDN en-US. Integrated up to 2012 5erUpdatePackXPx64SP22012-121 and 5erIE8Addon2012-121x64, as well as critical updates from Update on 19.12.2012, MassStoragex6412.9.18 (driver package SATA AHCI), WMP11, DirectX 9.0 (06.2010), added Sidebar, 4 threads, SilverLight , search, preset system patched library under the third-party themes and lightweight XnView - instead of scissors.

Exit to the desktop in English, just select the PU, Language and Region - all Russian and exit the system and then run crack WMP 11 on your desktop and then delete it (screens 1-4).

Possible to install a USB flash drive, the disk in your Z-USB everything you need to write the bootable flash drive 2 GB, with the instruction.

Additional information

Key is not necessary. Exit to the desktop under the name Administrator, all that is required - is to specify the disk on which to install and select - Format NTFS Quik.

From the folder Z-DOTNETFX CD can be installed additionally:

Framework 3.5 SP1 x64 and 4.0 x64. Before installing Frame 4.0 WICX64ENU.EXE run from the same folder (visualization). Install only outright CD-ROM from the DOS (BIOS)

System requirements:

128 mb RAM

Video 64 mb

HDD 7 mb

Version: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP2

reg code: not required

Language: English (default), Russian

File Format: iso

Platform: x64