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Driver San Francisco MULTi12
Driver San Francisco MULTi12

Driver San Francisco MULTi12-PROPHET

Genres: Action / Racing (Cars) / 3D / 3rd Person

Driver San Francisco - The game takes place in contemporary San Francisco. Policeman John Tanner miraculously survives after the final chase in Istanbul in Driv3r and falls into a coma. However, this does not stop him from trying to catch a criminal "authority" of Charles Jericho. In a hospital bed Tanner finds himself in a unique ability to move from one machine to another, pushing for some time understanding its driver.


"Hot pursuit race with. Discover the fastest race in the best traditions of the early parts of the simulator Driver. Crazy traffic, long drift, steep turns, and much more awaits you!

"Large car park. Get the disposal of more than 120 destructible cars that have very different characteristics.

SHIFT. SHIFT will feature new protagonist to move from car to car directly in the course of the mission, and to take control of the machine running opponents.

"More than 200 kilometers of roads. Most beautiful drive on the San Francisco-crazy speeds. Fortunately, the length of the trails to disperse the engine speed to maximum.

"Hurricane multiplayer. Developers Driver: San Francisco provided a stunning nine multiplayer modes.

Features RePacka:

Do not recoded / cut all languages except English and Russian